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Zaina Cahill

Zaina Cahill

On October 20, 2017, I will be participating in the Philadelphia Outward Bound School Annual Fundraiser! I will be rappelling 29 stories from the top of the Brandywine Realty Trust’s Two Commerce Square building in Center City, Philadelphia!

The Philadelphia Outward Bound School (POBS) provides scholarship and subsidy for underserved youth from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to participate in outdoor experiential education programming. More than 60% of POBS' participants are from low-income families and 75% are Philadelphia residents.

POBS provides scholarships of up to 80% of the program cost for students and school partners in need – over $400,000 each year. With a focus on public and charter school students throughout Philadelphia, POBS encourages underserved and at-risk youth to discover their untapped potential, strength of character, ability to lead, and a desire to serves others and their community.

Thank you for considering donating to this worthy and unique cause!


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