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I'm going over again! Who's coming with me?

Amy Jones Ozenbaugh

Amy Jones Ozenbaugh

Thanks for visiting my page and checking out my video from last year. See? Easy! I'm proud to be a POBS supporter and to again raise scholarship funds for Philly school kids to have their own life changing adventures. Your generosity last year was much appreciated and I raised almost twice my original goal with donations large and small. Thank you for anything you can give this year. - Amy



raised of $1,750 goal

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1. ABAnthony Bacon Venti
2. RBRoberta Besden
3. SlStacy Levy
you amaze day I am gonna do this wall thing with you! lots of love . STACY
4. AAlex and Yasya
Sending love and cheers from around the world! :) <3
5. MBMargaret Bia
Go Ames & Sophie!!!!!
6. CUCecilia Ulmer