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Team Young

Team Young

Thank you for visiting. I'm so excited to have such a great team this year -- colleagues, family, friends and neighbors.

As the world’s oldest and largest adventure-based education program, Outward Bound inspires and challenges students to develop as people and leaders. The Philadelphia Outward Bound School serves 5,000 students annually from the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond, the majority of whom are from low-income families and underperforming schools. To ensure that students can participate without regard to financial capacity, POBS offers scholarships covering up to 80% of course fees for thousands of young people.

Since last year, POBS has pushed to expand in reach and delivery:
• In June POBS announced a partnership with the Philadelphia School District to provide every incoming 9th grader with a one-day Outward Bound experience. The program kicks-off this year with nine schools. The goal is to foster community and connectedness via a shared challenge.
• Just last week, the Philadelphia Outward Bound School was approved for full accreditation by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE)! This makes POBS only the second Outward Bound School in the world with accreditation from AEE.
• In October, we’ll break ground on the new Discovery Center in West Fairmount Park at the reservoir. In partnership with Audobon, this will be a unique destination in Fairmount Park for outdoor activities and challenge.
• Over 5000 students went Outward Bound.

This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get. Together we can make a difference! - Team Young



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